Natural wood allows us to produce different stairs and create an attractive appearance of any space with stairs in it. Form, selection of materials and colours make every stair unique.
In deciding on the selection of appropriate stairs, two things must be borne in mind to choose your stairs: First, the space itself dictates the shape and size of the stairs, and the other important element is to set clear priorities, in the sense of the actual purpose of the stairs, and primarily how to integrate those stairs into space. The key principle is to always place the stairs in a way that allows obstacle-free movement in space.

 Straight | RIGHT | Space-saving staircase | LEFT | 1/4 Coiled | RIGHT |
2/4 coiled pedestal | LEFT | 2/4 Coiled | RIGHT | 1/4 coiled pedestal | LEFT |
 1/2 Coiled | LEFT | 1/2 coiled pedestal | RIGHT | Spiral staircase | RIGHT |